COVID-19 death of an employee of the CISSS des Laurentides

A sad announcement
The Integrated Center of Health and Social Services (CISSS) of the Laurentians is mourning the sad death of one of its employees of the COVID-19. She was beneficiary attendant who worked at CHSLD Lucien-G. Rolland of Saint-Jérôme.
The lady worked for the CISSS des Laurentides since June 2010 as a beneficiary attendant.
An investigation is underway by the Public Health Department to determine whether the latter has been
contaminated at his workplace. “I share with our staff a great sadness at the loss of this devoted and appreciated colleague. This employee deserves to be remembered. Today and after the pandemic, we will have to remember her and, to console us, think of all those we will have cared for with humanity, all those we will have succeeded in saving “, underlined Rosemonde Landry, president and director General of the CISSS des Laurentides.

Measures in place
Rigorous measures are in place in the CHSLDs to ensure infection control and thus avoid possible contamination. While these measures are sufficient, risk of transmission cannot completely eliminated given the number of people involved. The virus is circulating in the community and some
people may be asymptomatic. However, it should be noted that the employees of the CISSS des Laurentides benefit currently from all the protective equipment necessary to ensure the safety of personnel and physicians.


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In the event of an outbreak
When a COVID-19 outbreak situation is identified in the various living environments, an investigation is immediately initiated. In addition, the following protection measures are also applied:
• The residents concerned are isolated;
• Containment of one or more units is implemented, if necessary;
• Staff travel is limited;
• Screening of residents and employees is done according to the conclusions of the investigation;
• Appropriate use by personnel of personal protective equipment;
• Wearing the procedural mask at all times for all health workers located less
than two meters from a resident or a colleague;
• The implementation of the INSPQ recommendations.