Rosemère honors CHSLD Hubert-Maisonneuve Workers

It was an emotional moment when the Town of Rosemère paid tribute to the workers at the CHSLD Hubert-Maisonneuve last Friday. For the occasion, a number of Town trucks and employees formed a Guard of Honor in support of the outstanding workers who are tirelessly devoting their efforts to helping the sick, despite the risks associated with their tasks in times of pandemic.
“These admirable human beings are truly champions who deserve all our recognition and gratitude. Day after day, night after night, they ensure the health and well-being of our seniors and vulnerable people in extremely difficult circumstances. They work to save the lives of those who built our Québec society. There are no words powerful enough to show how exemplary their commitment and passion are!” stated Mayor Eric Westram.
At the same time, the Town thanked all the “essential” people who are working in the health sector, whether in the region’s hospitals, medical clinics or other seniors’ centers.