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Death at the Saint-Eustache Dollarama

The man Danny Piché allegedly beat up, died

The man Danny Piché allegedly beat up, died

A visit to Dollarama could be very expensive for a man who may have reported a manslaughter charge there. Danny Piché, 40, is the main and only suspect of the Saint-Eustache Police Department in a murder story that occurred last Thursday December 29th in Saint-Eustache.


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According to the information released to the media, around 9 a.m., Piché was seen drinking wine at the Place St-Eustache shopping center, on Arthur-Sauvé Boulevard. He then insulted a passerby, Richard Gagnon, 59 years old. Shortly after, Piché would have done the same with Gagnon’s companion.

The two men who were arguing then entered the Dollarama mall.

Fearful, Mr. Gagnon placed himself in a defensive position when his assailant allegedly started punching him in the head. At one point, a violent strike thew Mr. Gagnon to the ground and he  hit his head against a store shelf, according to the information released. The suspect according to the same sources, approached his victim in panic to help him, after he understood the extent and gravity of the situation.

After spending long minutes on the ground, Richard Gagnon was transported to a hospital center, where he was pronounced dead later in the evening. Many witnesses witnessed the scene. It is also thanks to their collaboration that the police were able to quickly handcuff Danny Piché.

Currently detained, the suspect for his part appeared the next day at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse for non-compliance with conditions. He also had numerous ongoing criminal cases on his record. He is expected to face a manslaughter charge.