Marie-Sol Perreault-Desharnais, Deputy Director General of Centraide Laurentides, Pierre Charron, Mayor of the City of Saint-Eustache, François Bélanger, Deputy Director General of the City of Saint-Eustache, Nicole Carignan-Lefebvre, Municipal Councilor of the Plateau-des-Chênes district, Lea Lovric, development officer in the Communications Department.

At the end of a campaign led by an organizing committee made up of employees from several municipal departments, the City of Saint-Eustache was proud to give Centraide Laurentides an amount of $23,608.92, well surpassing its goal of $20,000. This sum benefits more than 55 community organizations in the Laurentians, which support vulnerable populations in the area in various ways. This amount gives the City of Saint-Eustache the first rank of municipalities in the Laurentians contributing to the campaign.

The municipal councilor for the Plateau-des-Chênes district and responsible for community affairs, Ms. Nicole Carignan-Lefebvre, was enthusiastic about this surge of generosity that has animated municipal service employees and elected officials: “ The City of Saint-Eustache has been happy to support Centraide Laurentides for many years. In a context like today’s, it is all the more important to contribute when you can, because these sums are sent to organizations providing assistance services related to breakdown assistance, food aid and support for people living in vulnerable situations,” she said.


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Various activities to encourage donations

From November 7 to 25, 2022, the members of the organizing committee went into overdrive to encourage municipal staff to donate. Chocolate sales, auctions, raffles, lunch box dinners, sales of handmade objects, etc., everything has been done to increase the amount accumulated annually by donations to the source (employees contributed an amount with each pay). Holding these activities added more than $2,000 to the total.

“It’s always heartening to see municipal staff pull together for such a great cause and I would like to highlight the contribution of all the people who are committed to helping the less fortunate, either by being a member of the committee or by organizing activities to increase the amounts raised. When we add up the contributions of everyone, whether small or large, we arrive at a significant amount that can really improve the living conditions of many people here in our region. said Mayor Pierre Charron.