How does a forest become a museum?

Rosemère is once more showing that it is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to nature preservation and green fun and educational activities.
Its is welcoming the Montréal Space for Life squad to the Forêt des Frères du Sacré-Cœur—woodlands located behind the Externat Sacré-Cœur on August 28 and 29th.
The goal is to celebrate the nature and biodiversity of this place. Like the guides in art museums, the activity leaders of the Nature near you event will invite participants to focus on the natural life that surrounds them. Plants, mammals, birds, insects, minerals, atmospheric phenomena and stars will be the works of art at this open-air museum, shifting from scientific observation to poetic inspiration. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with nature in this place abounding in life.
All the senses will be involved
By listening, breathing in the scents and opening their eyes wide, it’s a safe bet that the participants will discover the Forêt des Frères du Sacré-Coeur in a new light. On tour throughout the summer in various public spaces in the Greater Montréal area, the Space for Life team has transformed the constraints of the pandemic into an opportunity to pursue its mission outside of its museums in order to continue reconnecting humans with nature. This connection is all the more important in these difficult times, as many studies show the positive impact of contact with nature on our health. By reaching out to people in their own living environments, Space for Life is consolidating its social role. Now, in addition to its many scientific education, mobilization and popular science activities, this organization is committed to offering a unique experience that inspires and brings humans closer to nature in their own backyard!
“The Forêt des Frères du Sacré-Cœur is the perfect place to host this open-air museum, as these grounds boast a maple grove with a wealth of unique forest features, which is why our Council recently adopted a resolution to preserve this natural jewel of Rosemère forever. It is therefore a real privilege to host the Nature near you event at this location so that everyone can go from passive to active observation of this genuine treasure chest of biodiversity,” stated Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.
Montréal Space for Life
Space for Life brings together the Biodôme, the Insectarium, the Botanical Garden and the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium on the same site. These four prestigious Montréal institutions form the largest natural science complex in all of Canada. In the original Nature near you tour, which will showcase nature in urban environments, the team’s activities will provide an opportunity to explore the close interconnections between organisms –including humans – on the dynamics of ecosystems, and to appreciate the resilience and adaptability of our planet as well as the life we find on it.