Preventionists Guillaume St-Jacques, Noémie Bonneau, Catherine Miljours and Mattéo Delli Colli and mayor Marlene Cordato

The City of Boisbriand is expanding its fleet of electric vehicles with the acquisition of four mobipods. Halfway between the scooter and the scooter, and commonly called “GEEBEE”, mobipods are designed and manufactured in Quebec.
“I am very happy with this further step towards sustainable mobility. The electrification of transport is a priority objective. It is our way of innovating and transforming the use of fossil fuels. Our employees are also an integral part of the change, since they are the users of all these electric vehicles,” says Mayor Marlene Cordato.
The new “GEEBEEs” are added to the fleet of electric vehicles already used by several municipal employees and will be used by prevention specialists from the Recreation Department who crisscross the territory daily during the summer season. Equipped with an electric motor and a battery allowing it a range of 50 km, the “GEEBEE” can drive up to a maximum speed of 32 km / h. This ecological vehicle can therefore circulate as much on cycle paths as on streets.
The mobipod acquisition project is the result of an initial collaboration with IVÉO, a non-profit organization whose mandate is to support municipalities in the deployment of innovative solutions. A member of this organization since 2020, the City of Boisbriand wishes to continue optimizing its travel by implementing new technologies in its territory.