The Director of Public Health for the Laurentians urges hunters to practice caution

The Department of Public Health for the Laurentians reminds everyone that hunting is not prohibited in the region in spite of the protective measures required due to COVID-19. Hunters are nevertheless urged to practice caution and good judgement.
The Regional Director of Public Health, Dr. Éric Goyer, asks that hunters comply with health guidelines to reduce the risk of contamination. Using simple precautions, individuals can practice big game hunting and avoid spreading the virus.
The following guidelines have been conveyed to the region’s municipalities to heighten awareness among hunters planning to travel to MRCs in the Laurentians:
Stay home if you experience COVID-19 symptoms;
Travel with family members, otherwise drive in separate vehicles. If carpooling, wear face-coverings.
Wash your hands often with soap and water or with an alcohol-based disinfectant;
Maintain 2-metre physical distancing from others at all times. If using blinds, make sure they allow for physical distancing. For extra protection, be sure to disinfect blinds beforehand.
Wear face-coverings in any situation that does not allow for adequate physical distancing.
Finally, the health authorities invite hunters to limit physical contact by registering their catch online at rather than in person to limit physical contacts.