Legault announces new lockdown measures Forget boxing day

Dimitris Ilias

Premier Legault announced supplementary measures on Tuesday December 15th during a press conference at 5pm to lessen the spread of the virus.
Legault announced that although the province is doing well compared with other provinces and countries especially compared with the first wave, the hospitals are being overburdened and hospitalizations are increasing. Taking into consideration that the virus is also spreading quickly in schools, Quebec officials decided to take advantage of the Christmas vacation to impose a mini lockdown.
The measures
From December 17th to January 11th


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  1. All offices except essentials will be working via teleconference and will be required to close.
  2. All schools will close as well (Elementary and High School) but tele-education will continue from January 4th to January 11th
  3. Daycares will be open, but the premier pleaded for the parents that can, to keep their children at home
  4. Parks and the Botanical gardens will open
  5. Outdoor activities such as hockey and ski lessons are allowed for a maximum of 8 persons plus the coach
  6. People who live alone can visit a single-family bubble
  7. A limited number of people can meet outdoors to exercise and walk maintaining a 2 meter distance but meetings in backyards are prohibited. From December 25th to January 11th
  8. All non-essential stores will be closed including personal care like hair salons, spas, barbershops etc
  9. Dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, and other health related services will remain open
  10. In order to support smaller businesses and create an environment of market equity, large stores like COSTCO and Walmart will not be allowed to sell non-essential goods. For example, a large store like Walmart will be allowed to sell food and drugs but the aisles with toys, appliances, electronics etc. will be closed. The premier confirmed that extra inspectors will be on site to enforce those regulations. He also announced that the possibility of the schools not opening on the 11th of January is very slim. The premier also proudly announced that vaccinations are proceeding at a rapid pace.