Murder in Blainville

The 26-year-old suspect arrested in Blainville for presumably killing his business partner is said to have made at least one incriminating call after the murder according to the media.

Simon Décarie was apprehended by investigators of crimes against the person of the Sûreté du Québec in Saint-Lin-Laurentides. He was to appear before a judge by videoconference on Friday the 8th, at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse, to be charged with murder.


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If he wants to prove his innocence, Décarie will have a lot to do since he made incriminating remarks with at least one of his friends, about two hours after the murder.

“It looked like a goodbye call,” reported the boyfriend in question, who allowed the Journal de Montreal to relate the call, without disclosing his name.

“He told me that I would not see him again and that he was going inside. He told me he had done the right thing. This morning I saw the newspaper article and made the connection.

The police were on the 61st Avenue West in Blainville for part of the day Thursday the 7th of October to investigate the crime scene where Maxime Villeneuve was killed.

According to relatives of the victim, a love triangle could be at the origin of this crime.

Maxime Villeneuve, who had no criminal record, was dating Simon Décarie’s ex-girlfriend recently, reported several friends of the young men. The suspect was said to have been enraged when he learned about it on Wednesday the 6th.

A few weeks ago, Décarie was also arrested by the Mirabel police for breaking and entering and threatening the life of his ex.

In addition to being in love with the same person, Maxime Villeneuve and Simon Décarie were partners in a construction company specializing in roofing.

How the crime unfolded

The crime occurred shortly after 11 pm Wednesday the 6th of October when an individual appeared before the Maxime Villeneuve residence, located on the 61st West Avenue near Boulevard Curé-Labelle.

The gunman opened fire a few times before his vehicle, even leaving tire marks on the ground. The commotion caused several neighbors to alert the authorities.

Police and paramedics were dispatched to the scene.

Once there, they found the victim bloodied and hit by at least one projectile from a firearm.

The young man, who was not known to police circles, was taken urgently to a hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries during the night.