Saint-Eustache, Rosemère and other cities start media campaigns to urge citizens to buy local.

Dimitris Ilias

It was in the minds of everyone as soon as the pandemic isolation started. How would local businesses survive In March NSN published one of the first voices to address the issue and sound the alarm for the survival of small businesses. It was the voice of Boisbriand city councilor Jean-François Hecq, himself owner of a small business.
A major push is happening now to support small businesses. Apart from federal and provincial support, municipal organizations are gearing up to help save small businesses in the North Shore cities.
For example, the IDÉ Saint-Eustache, in conjunction with the MRC Deux-Montagnes, the Deux-Montagnes Chamber of Commerce (CCI2M) and Tourisme Basses-Laurentides (TBL) announced a solid economic recovery plan intended to promote the resumption of activities in local businesses.
“Since the start of the pandemic, we have already put in place several assistance measures to support business people in this difficult situation, including a personalized support service via IDÉ Saint-Eustache, the online publication of ” a website describing all the assistance measures available, the publication of a list of local suppliers of protection products and the offer of tailor-made training. Today, it is in the continuity of what has been started that we are announcing other measures to support the economic recovery of our region”, declared Pierre Charron, mayor of Saint-Eustache.
Citizen solidarity
“Before announcing the recovery plan, we conducted a vast online survey of citizens in order to find out their intentions and opinions in relation to their consumption habits. Several interesting aspects emerged from this, in particular the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic instills a sense of solidarity in them and that they are more inclined to want to encourage local businesses. Also, the return of the public market in Vieux-Saint-Eustache was strongly demanded by citizens. It is in this context that we have developed a communication campaign for local purchasing and have done our utmost, with TBL, to reinvent the public market in the context of a pandemic”, added the President of the Commission of economic development” municipal councilor Patrice Paquette.
“Local spirit, I buy! »: Not just a slogan
Throughout the summer, a series of communication tools will support the business community. With the slogan “Local spirit, I buy! », The campaign evokes the feeling of belonging and solidarity towards local shops. Taking concrete actions in terms of local purchasing is a way of being, a state of mind that is beneficial for the entire community.
This campaign will be visible on different platforms: display, web, social media, etc. and is offered to all member municipalities of the MRC who wish to send targeted messages to their citizens and tourists.
Finally, a contest will soon be announced to further stimulate local buying as well as a series of playful video clips featuring Simone, a curious and endearing young girl, and her new friend, freestyle ski medalist Mikaël Kingsbury.
Concrete support for businesses
The 1,600 businesses and businesses in Saint-Eustache will soon receive, by mail, an explanatory leaflet and a poster in the colors of the buy local campaign to display in their businesses. They will discover, among other things, that temporary installations and displays are allowed until October. Also, new thematic routes to which they can be added will soon be offered to tourists in the region.
In addition, they are invited to share their ideas or concerns with members of the Economic Development Commission.
Friendly picnic areas
In order to fully enjoy summer, an unusual initiative will soon see the light of day in seven municipal parks: the development of picnic areas where street furniture will be specially installed, with a giant menu allowing citizens to consult the list of restaurants offering the “take-out” or “delivery” option. This is a great opportunity to have a snack! The picnic areas will be located:
At Jean-Guy-Mathers park (367, rue Godard)
At Chénier park (315, rue Albert)
At promenade Paul-Sauvé (behind the town hall, 145, rue Saint-Louis)
At the park des Camélias (400, boulevard Binette)
In Rivière-Nord park (706, rue Primeau)
In the gardens of the Globensky manor (235, rue Saint-Eustache)
In Parc Clair Matin (250, rue Therrien)


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Mayor Westram in video message
In Rosemère, the buy local campaign was promoted personally by Mayor Westram himself on a video message posted on the cities’ website:
“The crisis we are going through has had devastating effects on our merchants and our contribution is essential to the survival of them. Beyond words let us be aware of the consequences on our local economy and take action. Our local shops, businesses, restaurants, cafés, our professional services here in Rosemère, our entrepreneurs have worked hard to put together all the necessary sanitary measures to ensure a safe visit. Buying local, in addition to encouraging the economy you will find high quality products and services, don’t forget your face covering, we are waiting for you!”