“Once upon a time, there were happy people”: The City of Saint-Eustache launches an inspiring campaign to encourage volunteering!

The City of Saint-Eustache is launching a new campaign aimed at supporting the recruitment of volunteers for community organizations operating within the territory by inviting citizens from all walks of life to actively engage in their community. This campaign aims to strengthen the bonds that unite the residents of Saint-Eustache around common values and positive actions for the well-being of all. Whether they work in the community, sports, environmental, or cultural sector, organizations are looking for people who are happy to contribute to a collective mission.

The Mayor of Saint-Eustache, Mr. Pierre Charron, shared his enthusiasm: “This campaign is an invitation to join a large family of dedicated volunteers committed to making Saint-Eustache a vibrant, supportive community where living is good. Every smile, every positive action, every shared moment brings us closer together.”


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The mayor also emphasized how volunteering could be personally enriching: “Volunteering can help give meaning to one’s life and be extremely rewarding, in addition to helping develop skills, expand one’s social network, and enhance overall well-being. It offers the opportunity to make new connections and have unique experiences.”

The heart of this campaign will beat to the rhythm of an advertisement that will be shown at the St-Eustache Cinema and on social media throughout the month of September. Titled “Once upon a time, there were happy people,” the video highlights inspiring volunteers who, through their actions, positively transform the reality of Saint-Eustache.

Municipal Councillor responsible for community affairs and communication, Mrs. Nicole Carignan-Lefebvre, expressed her gratitude to all the volunteers who participated in the filming of this advertisement, emphasizing their dedication and valuable contribution. “By joining us, you contribute to building an even more united and dynamic Saint-Eustache. Together, we are writing a story filled with solidarity and pride.”

The City of Saint-Eustache warmly invites every citizen to be part of this beautiful adventure and make a difference by registering at: saint-eustache.ca/volunteer.