Sonia Daviault fights breast cancer with a camera

A photographer from Rosemère gets involved with Une Pose pour le Rose

Une Pose pour le Rose, which is now in its fourth edition, is a fundraising event for the benefit of the Canadian Cancer Society, specifically dedicated to breast cancer. Photographers from across Quebec will combine their talents from May 28 to June 12 by taking portraits of women, for $20. All proceeds from the sale of these photos will go to the cause.


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This province-wide fundraiser started for the first time in Jonquière in 2017. It consists of professional photographers taking pictures of women aged 18 and over. Starting March 8, women from all over Quebec will be able to register via the site and choose a volunteer photographer in their region.

In Rosemère, professional photographer Sonia Daviault will welcome a hundred participants to her studio for a photo. During that day, it will be possible for participants to use the services of professional hairdressers & make-up artists for an additional contribution which, of course, will contribute to the cause. In order to make this event a success, Sonia Daviault is calling on various companies in the region to obtain contributions for Une Pose pour le Rose.

In 25 years, the Canadian Cancer Society has invested more than $32.3 million in research. This has made it possible to improve the effectiveness of screening and to resort to more targeted treatments, causing fewer side effects. Cutting-edge research has opened up promising avenues for reducing the number of breast cancer cases and increasing the survival rate beyond five years, for 88% of women.

One of the components of the event, the Pink list, is a special invitation to women who have fought or are currently fighting breast cancer. They are invited to pose for one of the volunteer photographers.

Sonia Daviault has distinguished herself more than a dozen times in international competitions by winning “awards” at the “Portrait Photo Awards”, placing her 2nd in Canada. A Pose for the Rose gives citizens a special access to her talent.