Spring forward, an opportunity to check your smoke alarm

The city of Saint-Eustache reminded its citizens that apart froim the fact the residents had to advance their clocks by an hour, to also take advantage of the time change to change the batteries and check that the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in everyone’s buildings are working properly. It is important to keep these devices designed to alert people and allow them to quickly evacuate in case of danger to be kept in good condition.

The City of Saint-Eustache has some very important recommendations for everyone’s safety:


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Install a smoke alarm near the bedrooms and on each floor of the house, including the basement. If a resident has an attached garage or a wood, gas, oil or propane fueled appliance, it is recommended to install a carbon monoxide alarm outside the bedrooms.

Citizens should replace appliances over 10 years old, whether electric or battery operated. To clean battery-powered devices, lightly vacuum the inside and outside of the case. If the devices are photoelectric, it is important not to open them and only clean the outside. If the devices are connected to a remote monitoring center, notify the supplier before carrying out maintenance and verification.

Test the alarms by pressing the test button for a few seconds so that the signal is heard:

– Does it emit a signal immediately? It is in good condition.

– It emits an intermittent signal? The battery is too low, so it has to be replaced.

– It’s not sending a signal? Check if it had a battery and test it again. If it still does not work, the device has to be replaced. The purchase of an alarm powered by a long-lasting battery (ex.: lithium battery) is preferable.

For more information, visit the website: saint-eustache.ca, Fire Safety and Civil Security section, or contact the Fire Safety Department at 450 974-5000.