Suspension of administration charges: Enter into a payment arrangement with Hydro-Québec by September 30

Hydro-Québec customers have until September 30 to enter into a payment arrangement if they wish to continue benefiting from the suspension of administration charges. They can do so at any time in their Customer Space on our website or by calling customer services at 1 888 385-7252 during business hours.
The purpose of this measure is to avoid penalizing customers who might not be able to pay their electricity bill because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
For customers who fail to work out a payment arrangement, the waiving of administration charges as announced last March 22 will cease to apply on September 30.
It should be noted that the moratorium on service interruptions for nonpayment of bills will be extended until further notice. As a result, no customers will have their power cut off.
Customers who expect to have financial difficulties are reminded that they can enter into an arrangement with Hydro-Québec at any time to plan the deferral of their payments.