Saint-Eustache Hospital is building a short-term mental health hospitalization

The modernization project of the Saint-Eustache Hospital is continuing and work is currently underway, in order to expand and fit, among other things, a short-term mental health hospitalization unit called UHB-SM.
Begun in June 2019, this expansion work also provides, in addition to this unit which will include 10 beds and will be fitted out on the ground floor of this new section, the addition of eight additional beds on three care units, for a total of 24 beds on the upper floors. In addition, the basement will be enlarged for the needs of the existing kitchen.
Since the UHB-SM will be adjacent to the existing emergency unit, this will make it easier, according to the communications team of the Integrated Health and Social Services Center ( CISSS) des Laurentides. The movement, treatment and care of patients as well as customer safety will be enhanced and the new UHB-SM aims to respond to the lack of adequate space for insulation needs when there is a need for short-term hospitalization for observation and orientation of the patient. At the same time the new unit will be providing a warmer and more welcoming environment, promoting the well-being of patients and thus helping to reduce their stigmatization.
Note that this work, which must be completed next spring, has little or no impact, according to CISSS des Laurentides, on the delivery of care and services to patients and will be carried out without any interruption of care to the population.
Currently, the Saint ‑ Eustache Hospital has 261 short-term beds, none of which are in mental health. Some of these beds, or 74, are distributed in rooms with three to six beds, and these will all be transferred to single rooms once the modernization work is completed.