Pictured: Members of City Council and City staff surround guests at the Association Presidents’ Dinner.

Also, the ecological Transition Plan will be developed

On January 12, the annual dinner of association presidents took place. This is a festive event organized to thank and recognize the people who lead the organizations and associations serving the population of Blainville in the sports, cultural and community fields. The guests had an appointment at Le Blainvillier Golf Club in the company of council members and employees of the Recreation, Culture, Library and Community Life Department. Mayor Liza Poulin wanted to highlight the contribution of these valuable volunteers:


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“You occupy a very important place in Blainville. Your commitment is at the heart of our municipal life. That’s why it’s important for our administration to thank you and recognize your value to the entire community.” The City of Blainville recognizes more than 60 local or regional organizations and associations.

In other news the city council wishes to adopt an ecological transition plan that will identify the multiple socio-economic and environmental issues that the city will have to face in the future.

Operating at all levels, this Plan aims to rethink our ways of consuming, producing, working and living together. Citizens, local organizations, economic and institutional actors are called upon to participate in the development of this plan to make Blainville an even greener city! The Ecological Transition Plan will be developed following consultations and adopted by the municipal council.