The City of Saint-Eustache is recruiting.

The City of Saint-Eustache recently launched a new recruitment campaign, featuring its employees in a promotional video made for this purpose. It is been broadcasted on the big screen, at Cinéma St-Eustache, from December 9, 2022, until February 2, 2023. It is also possible to watch it on social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other City communication tools.

An inspiring and meaningful theme


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Produced on the theme “Once upon a time there were happy people”, the promotional video illustrates the correlation between the actions taken by municipal staff and the benefits that Eustachois derive from them. “It goes without saying that City employees are its best ambassadors. Motivated and dedicated, they are committed daily, keeping in mind the same objective: to help the citizens of Saint-Eustache. We therefore wanted to create a campaign that reflects the values ​​of the employees and, consequently, those of the organization. » said Mr. Christian Bellemare, General Manager.

According to the City announcement, working for the City of Saint-Eustache means enjoying competitive salaries and benefits and having access to opportunities for advancement. It also means evolving in a stimulating environment and taking concrete action on the quality of life of Eustachois. The City of Saint-Eustache offers the most stimulating job opportunities in several sectors: information technology, sports and the outdoors, engineering, arts and culture, etc. The City invited residents to find offers that will fit perfectly with what they or their loved ones are looking for at the city website.