The Social Reforestation Program takes root in Sainte-Thérèse

The City of Sainte-Thérèse has joined forces with the Arbre-Évolution organization, as part of the Social Reforestation Program, for the planting of 135 trees and 65 shrubs in the Jardin des Sources and de la Rivière parks. Most of the planting activity took place on Sunday, October 17, in the presence of representatives of the organization, the City and many volunteers.

“It is important for Sainte-Thérèse to preserve these two green spaces which are also wetlands. In particular, they allow the retention and filtration of rainwater, while providing a rich natural habitat for flora and fauna. “We made sure that the species that were planted were adapted to such an environment. In doing so, we are protecting important ecosystems, while making these parks, so much appreciated by the Teresian population, more green,” said the mayor, Sylvie Surprenant.


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Arbre-Évolution is a solidarity cooperative that promotes the well-being of communities through a symbiosis between the forest, humans, and their environment. It considers the forest as a natural environment, but also a human one.Tracking the major international challenges of sustainable development, the vision it proposes seeks to act on the links between nature and cultural dynamics, the synergies between communities and their environment.

The Social Reforestation Program aims to compensate for the pollution of businesses, festivals, NGOs and individuals, by planting trees in living environments that need them. Currently, more than 75 organizations offset their CO2 emissions with Arbre ‑ Évolution.