Winter tree inspections in Rosemère

The city of Rosemère has benn waging war against the emerald ash borer, a type of beetle which has been ravaging ash trees in Quebec in the last years.

According to the latest newsletter of the city, in order for the trees on a residents property to be inspected by the Town during the winter months, especially if they are in the backyard, it is important that they be easy to get to.


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If people have a fence, any snow must be cleared out from around the gate so it can be opened. It can be difficult at this time of year to confirm certain diseases or detect insect infestation. Since the signs of many of these problems are identified by thinning, withering, spotting or otherwise altered leaves, residents are advised to wait until the foliage returns in spring before requesting an inspection.

Ash tree replacement program

A financial assistance program has been set up to help Rosemerites if they have had ash trees cut down on their property as a result of an emerald ash borer infestation. There are two options open to them. In both cases, the Town will help them replace 50% of the number of ash trees that have been felled.

Option A: Twice a year, the Town will deliver young trees with a 25 mm (1”) trunk to affected property owners.

Option B: If citizens wish to have a greater choice of replacement trees, they will be issued a grant of up to $100 for each tree, upon presentation of the required receipts, providing the choice of tree is on the authorized list

Forest engineer services available

If residents have trees in their yard that they are concerned about and would like an expert to take a closer look, the Town offers the services of a forest engineering consultant free of charge in the summer. They will answer all questions, advise people on the best conservation solution and carry out tests to determine whether there is a safety risk. If a resident would like to request these services, simply he/she will have fill out a tree inspection application and indicate that you wish to receive an assessment in the “Additional Details” section of the form.

Online tree cutting and inspection application

Residents of Rosemère can now request permission to have a tree cut down or inspected directly online using the Voilà! app. If they don’t already have the app on your mobile device, they can simply download it and create an account. Then go to Online Requests, select Permit and click Abattage d’arbres (urbain) to submit a form to the Town. If they just want an inspection, they must fill out the same form, indicating in the work description that they do not wish for the tree to be cut down.

Inconvenience this spring

The Town has been cutting down emerald ash borer–infested trees on public property and rights-of-way throughout the winter. Depending on the surrounding snow cover, some stumps will start to become visible as spring rolls around. Public Works will proceed with stump removal operations as soon as the weather allows, one site at a time. A crew will start by sawing the stump down to the ground. The removal itself will take place later in the year in accordance with a set timetable. Different machinery is required for each stage of the process, so it cannot be done all at once.