A new partnership between RIPTB and Maison d’accueil le Mitan

With a goal to improve support for victims of domestic violence

The Régie de police Thérèse-De Blainville (RIPTB) and the Maison d’accueil le Mitan have joined forces to improve the services offered to victims of domestic violence in their community. Through a new memorandum of understanding, signed between the two organizations, victims of domestic and coercive violence will now receive better support and follow-up services. The agreement allows police officers to communicate victims’ personal information directly to Mitan, following a police intervention, so that they can receive follow-up support within 48 hours.


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This new agreement is an important step forward in improving the safety and well-being of women in the community. According to Chief Inspector Serge Harvey, in charge of the Criminal Investigations Division, the new agreement will improve the services offered to women who are not only victims of domestic violence but also those affected by coercive violence. The partnership between the Régie de police and Mitan will provide greater access to support services for women who need it most.

Maison d’accueil le Mitan is a shelter for women victims of domestic violence and their children, located in Sainte-Thérèse. The organization has been working in partnership with the RIPTB for emergency accommodation for several years. The new agreement will allow them to offer external services to a greater number of women who need help by quickly contacting them following a police intervention.

The Mitan approach is focused on empowering women to identify possible choices and position themselves. The organization works in complete confidentiality and in alliance with the woman. They offer various services, including outpatient services, consultations by appointment, domestic violence awareness groups, and much more. Women with questions or in need of advice on domestic violence can contact Mitan directly at 450-435-3651.

This new agreement is a positive development in the fight against domestic violence in the community. It is an important step towards improving the safety and well-being of women who are victims of domestic and coercive violence. The RIPTB and Mitan partnership is an example of how organizations can work together to provide support and services to women who need it most. More needs to be done to prevent domestic violence from occurring in the first place. The community must work together to address the root causes of domestic violence and to create a culture of respect, equality, and non-violence according to the RIPTB annopuncement. Organizations like the RIPTB and Maison d’accueil le Mitan play an important role in this effort.