Partnership between the CISSS des Laurentides and the Régie de police Thérèse-De Blainville

The Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) des Laurentides announced the start of a new partnership frontline with the Régie de police Thérèse-De Blainville (RIPTB) in order to consolidate the links and clinical practices during police interventions with people in crisis or whose mental state is disturbed.

With a view to offering local services to the community, the project is materialized thanks to the emergency financial assistance granted last August by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, which makes it possible to improve psychosocial services. general adult and mental health services offered in the community.


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As the police are very often the first responders in crisis situations or involving individuals struggling with mental health problems in the community, the establishment of such a partnership made perfect sense. “With the current pandemic situation, the upgrading of services is part of a context in which the population increasingly needs psychosocial support of all kinds. The partnership between the CISSS des Laurentides and the RIPTB will make it possible to combine the roles of helping relations and protecting citizens by relying on each other’s expertise. Our psychosocial workers will be able to further support the work of the patrollers by playing an advisory role during their interventions and directing the person in crisis to the right resources,” said Rosemonde Landry, President and CEO of the CISSS des Laurentides.

“RIPTB is fortunate to complete its service offering dedicated to vulnerable citizens. We have already set up the PIVOTS agents, the arrival of a social work technician, the collaboration of preventionists-investigators and now the eagerly awaited arrival of psychosocial workers from the CISSS in our premises. Thank you to the CISSS des Laurentides for this partnership,” added Francis Lanouette, director of the RIPTB.

It should be noted that psychosocial personnel are stationed at the CISSS des Laurentides to allow all the necessary connections within the framework of the deployment of this project. Likewise, the RIPTB makes a room available to CISSS staff to allow synergy between the two organizations and proximity of resources during interventions.