A recognition award for the youth stewardship committee of the CISSS des Laurentides

The Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) shone with the youth stewardship committee, which won a “Stars” award of the Réseau de la santé ”(SRS Prize), on May 7, during the virtual presentation organized by the Caisse Desjardins du Réseau de la santé.
The project submitted by the head of the team for youth crisis, Marie-Claude Gadbois, and her team, won 2nd place in the performing category, which recognizes efficiency and interdisciplinarity. The Youth Stewardship Committee stood out from the 120 applications received for this 3rd edition.
The creation of the committee was born out of a need for cohesion between various departments working with the youth clientele as well as with the community organizers of the various territories. In order to improve the services offered to the youth population, the fluidity and complementarity of interdirectional services, the local stowage committees have adopted common objectives which aim to improve fluidity of work and collaboration between management teams and work teams. The committee structure comprising three levels (strategic, tactical and operational) promotes communication, consultation and coordination of their actions.
For Jean-Philippe Cotton, Deputy Chairman and CEO, this recognition is timely in this period of pandemic: “We are very proud of the establishment of the Youth Stewardship Committee. Stakeholders and network managers face a lot of pressure and show great resilience, it is important to salute their work. The young people who need our support are counting on us, especially in this time of pandemic and isolation. We owe it to ourselves to meet their needs ”.
The SRS Awards, created by the Caisse Desjardins du Réseau de la santé, aim to highlight the involvement of professionals in the health and social services network in their mission to provide the best care and services to the population.