The economic players of the MRC De Thérèse-De Blainville are joining forces to better help local businesses and ensure economic continuity. The effort manifests itself with the creation of a committee, a facebook group and the mailing of a survey.  

Economic continuity committee: The economic continuity committee provides an opportunity to discuss the various issues related to the current crisis and also to have a clear picture of the economic situation with the aim of establishing a realistic action plan so that ” in unison the economic partners can intervene to ensure continuity in economic development and ultimately see together to plan a future revival


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Creation of a Facebook group: The Facebook group business community in action, brings together the business community , managers, entrepreneurs and economic partners of the territory of the MRC of Thérèse-De Blainville in order to offer a common place of exchange and information in order to better equip our businesses and thus contribute together to economic continuity. Managers and entrepreneurs can ask their questions to the various stakeholders, share their concerns and stay informed of local measures by joining this group led by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thérèse- De Blainville (CCITB) in partnership with the MRC Thérèse -From Blainville and all the economic players in the community: federal and provincial deputies, AGAB, CORDEV, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Investissement Québec, Services Québec and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

Survey on the impacts of COVID-19 on a business: A survey will be sent to businesses in the region. This survey will assess the current situation of businesses, better understand their issues and ensure effective monitoring in order to deploy assistance measures for entrepreneurs in the territory in the most concrete and rapid manner possible.