CISSS des Laurentides Celebrates Unprecedented 24% Decrease in Work Accidents

In a remarkable achievement, the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) des Laurentides proudly declares a historic 24% reduction in work-related accidents among its personnel over the past year. This noteworthy trend not only reflects the commitment of the organization but also signals a positive shift in prioritizing the well-being of its workforce.

Recognizing the significant human and financial toll associated with work-related accidents, CISSS des Laurentides has implemented a comprehensive system aimed at preventing occupational risks. This strategic initiative is designed to systematically reduce the occurrence of work accidents, demonstrating a proactive approach towards employee safety and health.


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The core of CISSS des Laurentides’ success lies in its meticulously crafted action plan, which places a strong emphasis on preventive measures. Among the key focus areas are the enhancement of prevention practices, ensuring a secure working environment, and fostering an improved quality of life for employees. Notably, the organization has invested in training sessions for its personnel, specifically targeting practices that are most susceptible to causing accidents.

Rosemonde Landry, CEO of CISSS des Laurentides, underscores the organization’s commitment to health, safety, and overall well-being in the workplace. “Health, safety, and well-being at work are priorities within our organization. Together, we have established better mechanisms to prevent accidents, which directly impacts the quality of services we provide. We are committed to taking care of our staff, who, in turn, takes care of the population.”

This success story is a testament to the collaborative spirit within CISSS des Laurentides. The organization acknowledges the pivotal role played by its employees and managers, whose active collaboration and participation have been instrumental in achieving this remarkable milestone.

As CISSS des Laurentides continues to uphold its commitment to employee welfare, this achievement not only signifies a decrease in accidents but also a positive cultural shift towards a safer and more secure work environment. The organization’s dedication to fostering a workplace that prioritizes the health and safety of its personnel is poised to have a lasting impact on both the staff and the community it serves.