CISSS des Laurentides Reiterates Call for Alternatives to ER Visits Amid Ongoing Healthcare Struggles in Quebec

The CISSS des Laurentides has once again issued a plea to the public, urging consideration of alternatives to emergency room visits during the high-pressure holiday season. This appeal, however, is not a standalone occurrence but part of a recurring theme exacerbating the frustrations of Quebec citizens over the emergency room situation across the province.

Each year, a combination of factors, including the spread of respiratory infections and labor shortages, puts considerable strain on the health network. The CISSS des Laurentides emphasizes the need for public collaboration in mitigating these challenges.


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Rising Respiratory Infections and the Importance of Vaccination

Current trends show an uptick in respiratory infections, including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza, and COVID-19, leading to increased hospitalizations. Vaccination remains a key strategy in managing this surge and preventing serious complications. Free vaccines for COVID-19 and influenza are readily available across Quebec, with numerous appointment slots open for booking.

Adopting good practices is crucial in curbing virus transmission. These include staying home when feverish, wearing masks until symptoms subside, and avoiding contact with vulnerable individuals while symptomatic.

Exploring Alternatives to Emergency Rooms

A significant portion of emergency room visits are for non-urgent issues, leading to congestion and impeding access to necessary care. Common non-urgent cases include prescription renewals, mild coughs, and symptoms of urinary tract infections. The public is advised to explore other avenues for such health needs, acknowledging that wait times for these services might be longer than usual.

Alternatives Include:

By Telephone: 811 services, including Info-Santé (pediatric line and winter clinics), Info-Social, and the First Line Access Window for those without a family doctor.

Online: Digital GAP for guiding Quebecers to appropriate health services, and platforms like Rendez-vous santé Québec (RVSQ), Clic Santé, and Bonjour Santé.

In-Person: Consultations with pharmacists or family doctors.

Additional Resources and Efforts

Rapid tests are freely available at local service points, and several family medicine groups have expanded their availability. These efforts reflect the collective commitment of healthcare workers to alleviate the strain on the system.

The recurring issue of emergency room overcrowding during the holiday season in Quebec is a complex problem. While the CISSS des Laurentides’ call for public cooperation and the utilization of alternative healthcare resources is vital, it also highlights the ongoing exasperation of citizens with the ER situation. This scenario necessitates a multifaceted approach, combining public awareness, accessible healthcare alternatives, and system-wide enhancements to address the root causes of overcrowding effectively.

For more information on alternatives to emergency room visits and managing flu and gastroenteritis symptoms, visit QuéèsSanté and