Closure of cross-country ski trails and walking trails on the Lorraine golf course

The winter sports season on the Lorraine golf course is unfortunately over. With the warming of temperatures, the thaw is already being felt.

Note that the Lorraine Golf Club is owned by a private company. In order to preserve the quality of the terrain and to allow preparation for the summer season, access is now prohibited for walkers. The City therefore asks everyone to respect this instruction.


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The success of the new agreement with the Lorraine Golf Club for the practice of winter activities is well established. Indeed, many skiers, walkers and snowshoe enthusiasts have shared with the City of Lorraine their satisfaction and their interest in enjoying winter sports here, in the municipality. At the end of the winter season, the results are clear: the citizens greatly appreciated it!

To continue to enjoy this magnificent environment during the hot season, citizens can learn to golf. This sport allows you to socialize and walk, while enjoying nature. For more information, those interested can contact the Club at or at 450 621-1740.