As the municipal elections approach 2 councilors of the current administration are seeking re-election.
Melissa Monk seeks to renew her title as municipal councilor for another 4 years.
A native of Rosemere, Melissa grew up in the city’s , tree-lined streets and was equally raised her, now adult, sons in the same environment. She first entered the political arena with a wish to improve the communication and culture between Rosemerites and the town hall. Now four years later, while there has been some clear improvement, she feels that through one conversation at a time, and continued efforts to involve citizens in their community, the gap can be further reduced.
With a CPA designation and owner of a local accounting practice, Melissa had the expertise to oversee
and compliment the town’s finance department throughout her last mandate as town councilor. Eager
and ready to pursue this role for another 4 years, she feels that the citizens of Rosemere will benefit
from her experience to ensure that Rosemere maintains its enviable strong financial position. She founded the Innovaction party with Philip Panet Raymond and Jean Paul Lalonde and passed the leadership of the party over to the current mayor Eric Westram

The other Rosemerite seeking re-election is René Villeneuve who is a resident of Rosemère since 2004 and father of two children. René has 40 years of experience in aeronautics in the Quality function. He was also on the Board of Directors of is children CPE and participate in the parents committee at Alpha Elementary School. René Villeneuve has been a municipal councilor for the past 4 years.
Since becoming a municipal councilor, he sits on the Planning and Sustainable Development Committee, which includes infrastructure, also on the Board of Directors of the Intermunicipal Water Board of Rosemere and Lorraine and finally as president of the environment citizen’s committee.
According to René, the arrival of the InnovAction + team has made it possible to put in place several actions who has improved the citizens quality of life, whether in the field of infrastructure, the environment, culture, finance etc…
With the experience of the last 4 years, he says he is ready to continue the work already started and announces his nomination for a second term with the InnovAction + team.


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