Combat the heat wave! Instructions from the Laurentides Public Health Department

Due to the warm temperatures forecast for the coming days, the Laurentides Public Health Department advises its citizens to take some precautions to avoid health problems related to heat. These measures are valid, even in pandemic times.
The intense heat can lead to a rapid deterioration of the state of health, the public health authorities recommend to: Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, without waiting to be thirsty (or as directed by the doctor, if applicable).
Avoid consuming alcoholic drinks so as not to aggravate dehydration; Spend at least 2 hours a day in a cool or air-conditioned place; Take at least one fresh shower or bath per day or refresh the skin several times with a wet towel; Reduce physical exertion; Wear light clothing; Never leave someone alone in a poorly ventilated car or room.
The Laurentides Public Health Department also advises the public to check on their loved ones who are elderly or who suffer from physical or mental health problems in order to ensure their well-being.
Heat stroke symptoms
Symptoms of heat stroke include: headache, muscle cramps, exhaustion, dehydration, high body temperature and swelling of the hands, feet and ankles.
Who are the people at risk? When it is very hot, the whole population can suffer from health problems. However, some people are more vulnerable and can see their health deteriorate quickly: People aged 65 and over; People suffering from chronic cardiovascular, respiratory, renal or diabetes diseases; People suffering from mental health problems (especially schizophrenia) or addicted to alcohol or drugs; People who work physically or exercise strenuously outside; Children aged 0-4 years old.
Heat in pandemic times
Even on hot days, it is essential to comply with the instructions issued in connection with the current pandemic situation, in particular physical distancing. For more information on health-related issues, citizens can contact the Info-Santé service at any time by calling 811. “We ask residents to be alert to the heat warnings announced. However, we must ensure that we respect the instructions related to COVID-19 such as physical distance,” said Dr. Éric Goyer, director of public health for the Laurentians.