Deux-Montagnes Boosts Local Community with Generous Subsidies

The City of Deux-Montagnes has once again underscored its commitment to nurturing local organizations and associations. On the evening of November 21, the Royal Canadian Legion Hall was abuzz with a sense of collective purpose and gratitude during the city’s annual financial aid distribution ceremony.
This year, a substantial sum of $64,300 was allocated, benefiting approximately 30 community organizations, including various sports and cultural associations. This financial boost is not just a monetary contribution but a testament to the city’s recognition of the crucial role these groups play in enriching and uplifting the local community.
Mayor Denis Martin, the driving force behind this initiative, emphasized the importance of this support. “We believe it is essential to offer our local organizations financial assistance to enable them to fulfill their mission. This evening of distribution is also an opportunity to express our gratitude for their significant contribution to the well-being of the Deux-Montagnes community,” he remarked.
The event was more than just a ceremonial cheque handover. It was a celebration of community spirit and cooperation. Mayor Martin was joined by the municipal councilors of Deux-Montagnes, who collectively acknowledged the hard work and dedication of these community and sports actors. Their unanimous message was one of warm thanks and appreciation for the commitment these groups demonstrate towards enhancing community life and bringing vibrancy to Deux-Montagnes.
The distribution of these funds will play a pivotal role in supporting a wide array of initiatives and projects run by these organizations. From cultural enrichment programs to sports development activities, these funds will ensure that these organizations continue to operate effectively and contribute significantly to the local fabric.
The evening ended on a note of optimism, with many feeling encouraged and supported by the city’s efforts. As these organizations embark on another year of service and contribution, the financial aid provided by Deux-Montagnes stands as a beacon of communal solidarity and a promise of continued partnership in fostering a dynamic and thriving community.