Home Local News Celebrating Excellence: Rosemère Honors Young Achievers in Atrium Ceremony

Celebrating Excellence: Rosemère Honors Young Achievers in Atrium Ceremony

Celebrating Excellence: Rosemère Honors Young Achievers in Atrium Ceremony

On November 23, 2023, at the H.J. Hemens Public Library in Rosemère, mayor Eric Westram, together with councillors Stéphanie Nantel, Philip Panet-Raymond, and René Villeneuve, hosted a ceremony to honor eight exceptional young Rosemerites. These individuals, distinguished for their extraordinary athletic and academic achievements, were invited to sign the Town’s Golden Book, a symbol of their hard-earned success.

Family members and supporters filled the atrium, their presence a testament to the community’s collective pride and support. Mayor Westram, in his opening address, highlighted the significance of this recognition. He expressed the town’s pride in these young achievers and emphasized their role as role models, especially for the youth. His words underscored the importance of perseverance and dedication in both athletic and academic pursuits.


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Among the honorees was Alexandre Arseneault, a volleyball prodigy with a string of achievements including team gold at the 2023 Jeux du Québec and a notable ranking in the Juvenile school provincial championships. His title as the most improved player by the Académie Sainte-Thérèse Faucons further accentuated his skills.

Charles-Henri Lefebvre, another multi-talented individual, shone in both volleyball and badminton. His accolades included team gold in volleyball at the 2023 Jeux du Québec and a noteworthy performance in the provincial badminton doubles championship. His recognition by the RSEQ as the best all-round athlete and student in Secondary V marked him as a truly versatile talent.

Jérémie Couture’s feats in road bicycle racing were nothing short of inspiring. With a gold medal at the 2023 Jeux du Québec and a ranking in the Coupes du Québec Top 5, his cycling journey of over 15,000 km in 2023 was a remarkable display of endurance and passion.

The ceremony also honored Eva Iacovelli for her achievements in cheerleading, including a team gold medal at the 2023 Magical Championship of the World and a bronze medal from the Canadian Cheer National Championships.

Rémi Aubin, a trampoline enthusiast, was celebrated for his gold medal in synchronized trampoline at the 2023 World Cup and his national championship titles.

In baseball, William Gagnon stood out with a bronze medal at the Baseball Canada Championships and his MVP performance in the 15U AAA mid-season tournament.

The realm of academics was not left behind. Francis Audet and Jade Gagnière were recognized for their exceptional skills in mathematics, with Francis securing 2nd place at the 2023 Championnat international des jeux mathématiques et logiques and Jade achieving 1st place in her category at the provincial finals.

The Golden Book of Rosemère, into which these young stars etched their names, serves as more than just a record of visits and achievements. It symbolizes the town’s commitment to acknowledging and preserving the legacy of its residents. Each signature represents a story of hard work, talent, and determination, inspiring future generations of Rosemerites.