Deux-Montagnes, butterfly friend!

Deux-Montagnes  proudly received the City-Friendly of Monarchs certification from the David Suzuki Foundation. The presentation of this certificate confirms the City’s commitment to preserving the habitat of the monarch butterfly through concrete actions.

“In Deux-Montagnes, we take the preservation of the environment to heart. We are convinced that this certification also meets the values ​​of our citizens and that many will follow suit. By uniting our efforts, we can make a real difference in the fight for the survival of the butterfly,” said Mayor Denis Martin, enthusiastic about the City’s commitment to come to the aid of this declining migratory insect.


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“Municipalities play a crucial role in the conservation of the monarch and its habitat. They can take simple actions that have a positive impact on the species and other pollinators, in addition to educating their citizens about the importance of taking part in this conservation effort. We salute the City of Deux-Montagnes’ commitment to taking concrete actions to protect monarchs and their habitat. We hope that Deux-Montagnes and its citizens will inspire other municipalities to join this vast movement to protect this emblematic butterfly, ”explained Julie Roy, citizen engagement specialist at the David Suzuki Foundation.

To be certified, municipalities must commit to implementing at least three of the twenty-four monarch habitat protection measures proposed by the David Suzuki Foundation.

Supported by a resolution from the municipal council to confirm its intention to become a city ​​friendly to the monarchs, the City of Deux-Montagnes is committed to integrating milkweed and native nectifarous plants in its landscaping. Through various communications, the city will encourage citizens to do the same on their land. It will also raise awareness among Deux-Montagnais of the survival of the monarch and encourage them to create habitat zones during community events or activities, such as the traditional Horticultural Day. Other concrete measures will be added to these initiatives, in the short and medium term, in order to allow the City of Deux-Montagnes to obtain the BRONZE mention.

An initiative to act upon: butterfly effect

The monarch butterfly is an endangered species: its population has fallen by 90% over the past two decades. Scientists attribute this decline to degradation and loss of breeding habitat. However, municipalities can play a key role in protecting the habitat of this iconic butterfly and helping to save this species. In order to encourage municipalities to take concrete action to protect the monarch, the David Suzuki Foundation, in partnership with Espace pour la vie, launched the initiative Ville ami des monarques au Québec, which aims to implement measures aimed at restoring monarch habitats and raising awareness among citizens.