Property assessment in Rosemère

The town of Rosemère has initiated the process of updating the assessment roll of all properties within its jurisdiction. This process is being carried out by the firm LBP Évaluateurs agréés, which has been mandated by the Town to carry out this important task.

As part of this process, property owners in Rosemère will receive a letter from the assessors, inviting them to fill out an online form using a unique access code. This form will be an important source of information for the assessors as they prepare and maintain the property assessment roll. It is therefore essential that property owners provide accurate and up-to-date information in this form.


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In addition to the online form, assessors will also be conducting physical visits to properties in Rosemère. This is in accordance with section 36.1 of the Act respecting municipal taxation. During these visits, assessors will examine the property and may ask the property owner some questions to complete their file.

It is important for property owners to provide free access to their property during these visits. Assessors must be able to visit the property, examine it, and ask any necessary questions to complete their file. Property owners should also be aware that assessors will have proper identification and a letter signed by the Town’s Clerk’s Office.

The information collected during this process will form a fundamental part of the property assessment roll. This roll is used to determine the value of each property in Rosemère, which in turn is used to calculate property taxes. It is therefore essential that this information be accurate and up-to-date.