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Firefighters for a Day
16 kids live the life of a firefighter
16 kids live the life of a firefighter

A Firefighter! It is one of the professions that a great percentage of grade school kids list as their favourite right next to astronaut, hockey player and general non-descript celebrity

On October 5th 2022, 16 young students from Blainville and Rosemère elementary schools had the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience by becoming firefighters for a day and exploring the various facets of the job.


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The Firefighters for a Day contest was open to Grade 3 students from each elementary school in Blainville and Rosemère. This day of activities at the Blainville fire department’s facilities gave them a chance to learn a little more about firefighters’ work and to take part in activities related to this job.

During the day, the young participants—dressed as firefighters—were given a tour of the fire department’s trucks and facilities. They also received training on firefighting gear, breathing apparatus and victim search as well as many tips on fire prevention. Also on the day’s agenda were an explanation of how to inspect equipment, use a portable fire extinguisher and extinguish a wood pallet fire.

“It’s important to raise youngsters’ awareness and educate them about fire prevention. This special day gives them a chance to have fun and to arouse their curiosity and ask questions whose answers could be very useful in a fire situation,” said Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram.

At the end of the day, the young people were welcomed by Blainville Mayor Liza Poulin, Rosemère Mayor Eric Westram and the two city Councillors on the Mobility, Safety and Traffic Committee—Stéphane Dufour and Patrick Marineau. Members of the fire department and mascot Yvon Larosé were also there. They gave gifts to the participants, who had the privilege of signing the guest books of their respective municipalities.

“The purpose of this day is to fill youngsters with wonder and help them discover the many facets of a firefighter’s work. Judging by their smiles and their enthusiastic reaction, mission accomplished! We thank everyone for welcoming us so warmly,” stated Mayor Liza Poulin.

The sixteen students selected (one from each school) to be part of the 2022 Firefighter for a Day team were: Myliane Latendresse (École de la Seigneurie), Akira Keo-Roy (École des Semailles), Maximilian Cazacu (École de l’Aquarelle), Jonathan Binette (École Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau), Sarah El Karrassi (École des Ramilles), Kentin Geinoz (École de l’Envolée), Kameron Jubinville (École Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption), Leïla Gabrielle Bélanger (École Chante-Bois), Emma Sirois (École Plateau Saint-Louis), Dany Chemlal (École de la Renaissance), Leana Gainsom (École de Fontainebleau), Jaxson Di Tomaso (École Montessori International), Mavryk Ménard (McCaig Elementary School), Luna Regli (Académie Ste-Thérèse), Zack Payette (École Alpha) and Philippe Guidi (École Val-des-Ormes).

Photo: The young Firefighters for a Day with the Mayor of Blainville, Liza Poulin, the Mayor of Rosemère, Eric Westram, the two councillors of the Mobility, Safety and Traffic Commission, Stéphane Dufour and Patrick Marineau, employees of the Fire Department and the mascot Yvon Larosé