Guignolée Food Drive in Rosemère: A Day of Generosity and Community Spirit

Guignolée Food Drive in Rosemère: A Day of Generosity and Community Spirit

The annual tradition of the Guignolée food drive in Rosemère continued as planned on Saturday, December 2, thanks to the dedication of over 200 volunteers. These volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this charitable event, a cherished tradition in the town. Multiple teams were deployed to knock on doors across Rosemère, collecting both food and cash donations. Additionally, volunteers stationed themselves at various intersections to solicit donations from passing motorists.

Organized by the Town of Rosemère in collaboration with Entraide Rosemère, the Guignolée food drive achieved remarkable results. It collected approximately 200 boxes filled with non-perishable food items and received $27,716 in cash donations, including a generous contribution of $5,000 from the Corporation de développement culturel et sportif de Rosemère. The young members of Jeunesse Action Rosemère also actively participated in this community-wide effort and prepared lunch for the volunteers engaged in door-to-door collections.


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Rosemère’s Mayor Eric Westram expressed his gratitude, saying, “The success of the Guignolée shows just how important the values of charitable giving and community spirit are to Rosemerites. I, for one, am very proud and very moved to see such incredible generosity in action, which is bound to make a huge difference for families who are going through a difficult time. My gratitude goes out to all our volunteers, including my fellow Town Council members, for helping make this year’s food drive a tremendous success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The donated food items will be utilized by the Service d’aide alimentaire Saint-Maurice, Paroisse Saint-Luc, to prepare Christmas baskets, ensuring that local families in need can enjoy the holiday season with dignity. Cash contributions will be directed to Entraide Rosemère to purchase and distribute food vouchers, further supporting those facing food insecurity in the community. All contributions received through the Guignolée will directly benefit local families in need.