Deux-Montagnes Powers Up with Eight New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In a significant step towards promoting eco-friendly transportation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the City of Deux-Montagnes has proudly unveiled the commissioning of eight public charging stations for electric vehicles within its borders. This exciting development is set to revolutionize the way residents and visitors power their electric cars, making sustainable travel easier and more convenient than ever before.

These cutting-edge charging stations, which operate at standard Level 2 capacity, are seamlessly integrated into the renowned Electric Circuit and harness the intelligent capabilities of the pan-Quebec network established by Hydro-Quebec. Located at strategic points within the city, these stations are poised to make electric vehicle charging accessible to all.


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Here are the locations where these charging stations can be found:

Municipal Court Parking Lot: Four stations are now available, ensuring that visitors to the court can recharge their electric vehicles while handling their legal affairs.

Deux-Montagnes Library Parking Lot: Another set of four charging stations welcomes readers and knowledge seekers to the Deux-Montagnes Library, creating a conducive environment for eco-conscious learning.

Mayor Denis Martin expressed his thoughts on this development, stating, “The addition of these charging stations within the Deux-Montagnes territory undoubtedly facilitates the travels of electric vehicle owners and will certainly encourage others to choose green vehicles, further promoting the growth of the electric circuit. Their installation contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and complements our actions related to sustainable development and combating climate change.”

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that these state-of-the-art charging stations were acquired as part of Hydro-Quebec’s Subsidy Program for the installation of charging stations. This initiative aims to deploy a total of 4,500 stations throughout the province, demonstrating Quebec’s commitment to sustainable transportation and environmental preservation.

The Electric Circuit, which now boasts over 4,700 charging stations, including 800 fast-charging stations, continues to lead the way in providing accessible and eco-friendly charging options to electric vehicle owners across the province.

With the commissioning of these new charging stations, Deux-Montagnes is taking a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future. Residents and visitors alike now have the opportunity to embrace eco-conscious transportation choices and contribute to the fight against climate change, all while enjoying the scenic beauty and vibrant culture of this remarkable