Several guests attended the opening, including the MP for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles Luc Désilets, artists Caroline Foley, Élyse Munger, Edwige Kloeckner-Lapeyrie, and Lise Boilard, as well as site manager Mélanie Roy. At the front, residents who contributed to the creation of the artwork: Jude Révolus, Denise Huot, Thérèse Beaulieu, and Reina Vachon.

The Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSS) of Laurentides proudly highlights the generous contribution of the Rosemère Artists’ Group in the creation of a collective artwork by eight residents of the CHSLD Hubert-Maisonneuve, in Rosemère. Initiated by CHSLD Hubert-Maisonneuve, and quickly embraced by the Rosemère Artists’ Group upon invitation from the CHSLD’s recreational technician, the project has become a testament to community and creativity. Artists Lise Boilard, Caroline Foley, Edwige Kloeckner-Lapeyrie, and Élyse Munger joined forces with the residents, blending their expertise and enthusiasm to bring the collective vision to life.
The creation spanned several months, with weekly workshops where mixed techniques on wooden panels were explored. Residents were introduced to a variety of materials, including paint, eggshells, and even quinoa, fostering an interactive and dynamic creative process. The result of this collaborative effort is “Harmony and Serenity,” two series of five canvases each, symbolizing the unity and peace fostered through the project. These canvases are now displayed in the living room areas of the first and second floors at CHSLD Hubert-Maisonneuve, spaces frequented by residents and their families, enhancing the environment with art that speaks to the heart.
Julie Delaney, CEO of CISSS des Laurentides, expressed deep gratitude towards the artists for their dedication and talent, “It is through partnerships with the community, like the one with the Rosemère Artists’ Group, that our housing centers evolve into warm and human living environments. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the four artists who devoted their time and talent to make these magnificent canvases a reality.”
This project stands as a shining example of how art can bridge communities, inspire collaboration, and create spaces of warmth and humanity within healthcare settings. The “Harmony and Serenity” exhibition not only beautifies the CHSLD Hubert-Maisonneuve but also highlights the importance of cultural and artistic engagements in enriching the lives of its residents.