Intergenerational housing project of Rosemere

Responding to a need for more housing options for seniors in Rosemere, for the past year, a small group of citizens from the area, have been collaborating on a housing co-op project that they would love to see take place in Rosemere. 

Though the project initially was conceived due to the lack of options the elderly have in the town once they are ready to sell their homes, the project expanded to also serve the citizens that are affected by the increase of rent, ballooning house prices and the general inflation happening since the beginning of Covid.


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The lack of affordable housing, even for the middle class, is starting to be a real problem in Quebec and in regions. According to a press release issued by the founding committee, it wants to reassure the Rosemere population that it is not considering the golf site for this project. They are having discussions with the town to identify land that would be able to accept such vision, while still respecting the will and sensitivities of the citizens of Rosemere.

The housing project aims at building a housing co-op offering an intergenerational and ecofriendly community living environment. The committee also wishes to bond with the community and promote the values of co-op living assistance, cooperation and respect of differences.
The project is at the stage where it is important to recruit members and collaborators, regardless of their desire to live in the project or not, in order to share the upcoming tasks. The creation of a co-op is done through the help of a technical resource group, in this case, Réseau 2000 +, but it is the members that get fully involved.

« It is such an enriching experience. When we, the first 3 initiating members, started, we did not know a thing about how to go about it. But as we advance, there is a certain creative process and a feeling of building something important that we will bequeath to society” said Véronique Pierre who is the initiator of the project. 

The committee is organizing an informative session on Wednesday April 20th, 7pm, right front entrance of the community center, right beside the church entrance. The community center is located at 202 ch. de la Grande-Côte.