Presentation of the five Prestige partners

The Thérèse-De Blainville Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCITB) presented its five Prestige partners. The CCIBT was grateful to be able to count on the support of companies committed to their community.

  1. Ali Mustafa – Ralik
  2. Francis Charron – EMD / BATIMO
  3. Gabrielle Bédard – Conagra Brands
  4. Luc Daigle, Robert Daigle and Charles Gingras – Supermarkets IGA Daigle
  5. Tommy Pelletier – Desjardins Entreprises – Laval-Laurentides

Since last September, everyone had the chance to discover these Prestige partners thanks to the Business Leaders series. Over the next few months, one can rediscover them through video clips and articles highlighting their strengths. Each in their own way, these business leaders are both sources of inspiration and role models for the business community.


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• Ralik, Business leader recognized for his management of opportunities.
• EMD / BATIMO, Business leader recognized for its innovation in times of crisis.
• Conagra Brand, Business leader recognized for its employer brand.
• IGA Daigle, Business leader in employee and customer health and safety.
• Desjardins Entreprises – Laval-Laurentides, Socioeconomic leader in recovery for entrepreneurs.