Rosemère 2022 budget

The city of Rosemere released it budget for 2022. In a document provided through the city’s official website the operating budget was set to $34,322,100 with a 2.25% increase in general taxes and rates on the average residential tax bill. The Infrastructure Fund contribution is $0.0105 per $100 of assessment (residential property) and the overall increase in the average residential tax bill is 3.25%, below the CPI*. The city will continue to use of remainder of Quebec government financial assistance for COVID-19

*Institut de la statistique du Québec, CPI for Quebec in October 2021 is 5.3%


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The main projects for 2022 are: the access to and use of the Grand Coteau Forest, the Urban forest master plan, the Plan to fight and adapt to climate change and the ongoing emerald ash borer action plan.

In the operating budget new infrastructure taxes are introduced following a consultation with the Rosemère citizens in 2020 in order to create a fund for the investments required to maintain and strengthen the city’s infrastructure. The 2022 increase is equivalent to 1% on the average residential tax bill and this Increase is to be revised upward in the coming years to meet investment needs

COVID-19 government assistance

In 2020, the Quebec government announced it would allocate financial assistance to municipalities in response to COVID-19 in order to mitigate the repercussions of the pandemic on municipal finances. The total assistance received by the Town of Rosemere was $1,478,400. Some of these funds have been applied to offset the direct financial impacts on the Town; to a greater extent, they have gone toward easing the fiscal burden caused by the pandemic, especially for local businesses that have been particularly hard hit

3-Year Capital Investment Program

The 3-yearCapital Investment Program includes an investment of $21.7 million in 2022, the redevelopment of the Charbonneau Park shoreline, the acquisition of lands with high ecological potential, $13.6 million to strengthen, maintain and replace infrastructure, and a $67.6 million capital investment program for 2022-2023-2024. 57% of investments planned for 2022 will be funded by third parties or grants.