Rosemère announces winners of comic strip competition
Seen here with Mayor Eric Westram and members of town council are the winners of Rosemère’s recent comic strip competition on preservation of the environment.

(NSN) The Town of Rosemère has announced the names of the young Rosemerite winners of the comic book competition on preservation of the environment.

The winners

The talented comic strip artists are: Jade Poirier (14 years old), Lorik Roberge Sauvé (7 years old), Maxim Jacquet (12 years old), Nicolas Gagnon-Fee (16 years old) and Mathilde Lefevre / Juliette Schmaltz (10 years old).


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In addition to having their work published in the Rosemère News, the winners receive a $50 gift card redeemable at Place Rosemère.

Great work, says mayor

“The comic strips we have selected are not only beautiful and lively, but they also convey an environmental message that raises readers’ awareness,” said Mayor Eric Westram.

“I am truly impressed by the quality of the comic strips that the Town has received and especially by the interest that young people have in preserving the environment. They are an example to follow.”

Now at the library

In order for all Rosemerites to be able to admire the works of the youngsters who entered the competition, all the comic strips received by the town are being exhibited at the municipal library from June 4-21.

The comic strip contest, launched last winter, was aimed at Rosemère residents under the age of 18 and designed to raise public awareness about environmental protection.