Home Policy Rosemère Town Council Takes Steps Towards Mixed-Use Development

Rosemère Town Council Takes Steps Towards Mixed-Use Development

Rosemère Town Council Takes Steps Towards Mixed-Use Development

In a pivotal move to rejuvenate its regional hub, the Rosemère Town Council passed a resolution directing the General Manager’s office to draft a request for amending the MRC de Thérèse-De Blainville’s land use and development plan. This amendment seeks to incorporate mixed commercial and residential use in specific zones of the town, namely C-03, C-139, and C-140, areas central to Rosemère’s urban strategy.

As the local retail sector faces a downturn, Rosemère is experiencing a concerning drop in tax revenues, a scenario that is exacerbating the financial burden on residential taxpayers. The Council’s strategy aims to leverage this situation by optimizing land use in the regional hub to align with broader redevelopment objectives. This would involve the integration of additional green spaces near Place Rosemère, currently the town’s most significant heat island, and enhancing the area’s resilience to climate change.


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Furthermore, the Council is committed to addressing the social and demographic needs of Rosemère’s residents by diversifying the housing options available within the community. This approach not only aims to cater to a broader range of residents but also to invigorate the community with new vitality and connectivity.

Earlier in February, the town took a preparatory step by commissioning a technical study to explore the feasibility of integrating certain urban infrastructure systems. This study is crucial in ensuring that any forthcoming projects are backed by thorough data and analysis, thereby supporting informed decision-making by the town’s leadership.

To steer these initiatives, the Council has established a working committee chaired by Councillor Marie-Élaine Pitre, with Mayor Eric Westram and key municipal staff as members. The committee is tasked with monitoring the progress of major projects emerging from these redevelopment efforts, ensuring that each step aligns with the town’s long-term vision for growth and sustainability.

This strategic pivot marks a significant chapter in Rosemère’s urban planning, as it looks to a future where commercial vitality and residential well-being are closely intertwined, creating a more dynamic and sustainable community.


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