On Tuesday the 27th of October the Sainte-Thérèse is organizing a zoom teleconference at 7pm to present the AKOR expedition.

Dimitris Ilias

On Tuesday the 27th of October the Sainte-Thérèse is organizing a zoom teleconference at 7pm to present the AKOR expedition. With almost all of its events cancelled due to Covid-19 restriction the only activities that remain are the online ones.
In 2021, five friends will perform a major first in the world of exploration: the first crossing of Canada in a North-South axis, using only human strength for propulsion and without stop.
Never attempted before, this daring journey involves three months of skiing, two months of canoeing and a month of cycling. The equivalent of 190 marathons, or 20% of the Earth’s circumference.
In addition to recounting the preparation of the AKOR 2021 expedition, Nicolas Roulx will be giving a fascinating account of the expeditions previously carried out by his team. The event is free of charge. The joining instruction are on the city’s site.
Who is Nicolas Roulx?
Nicolas tasted canoeing for the first time at the age of 7 at Camp de Vacances Kéno. He finished his career in Kéno 15 years later, after having been, among other things, an expedition monitor and operations assistant, taking care of the logistics of equipment and expeditions. This fascinating place from a human point of view allowed him to develop a passion that is now burning: that of transmitting his knowledge and teaching what interests him! This is what led him to complete a bachelor’s degree in secondary school history and geography in 2017. Nicolas has been fascinated for several years by the vast expanses of the Far North, which he has already visited during a trip to the Yukon and Alaska. His love for the Nordic winter grew rapidly, and he made sure to feed it through ski expeditions; he notably crossed the Groulx mountains in collaboration last winter with his partner in crime Guillaume Moreau.
This kind of expedition allows Nicolas to fully experience one of the reasons why he loves the outdoors: pushing his body to its limit, then the next moment, marveling at the silently falling snowflakes. It is, moreover, with his gaze riveted to the North that the athlete on the move has just undertaken a master’s degree in geography, which will lead him to analyze the power relations between mining companies and the Inuit communities of Nunavut, to understand the impacts of Arctic economic development and climate change on Inuit well-being. His remarkable fascination does not discriminate between the small pleasures of life and large-scale projects, which pushes him to invest fully in the preparation of the AKOR expedition.


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