In collaboration with Hydro-Québec, the Town of Rosemère is offering a 50% rebate when residents puchase a WaterSense® labeled kit of water- and energy-saving products. These products use 40% les water than conventional products. These energy efficient products can save you up to 100$ per year on your energy bill.

Approximately 230 kits, each worth between 26,17$ and 35,05 $ (plus taxes) are available at a reduced cost of 13,09 $ to 17,53 $ (plus taxes). The Town of Rosemère and Hydro-Québec will cover the difference. This amount includes home delivery.


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A maximum of two kits is available per household and each kit includes :

A low-flow showerhead with 5.7 l/min flow rate;

A bathroom faucet aerator with 5.7 l/min flow rate;

A swivle kitchen faucet aerator with 5.7 l/min flow rate;

A 5 minutes shower timer;

Teflon tape for sealing pipe threads;

Easy installation;

All products garanteed 10 years.

To purchase a kit residents must visit: The 50% rebate will be automatically applied to their bill when they have completed your purchase; no promotional code required.