Dimitris Ilias

Volunteers from Rosemere High help distribute desperately needed material for the front line workers of the COVID-19 war

In times of crisis, unfortunately, negative and scary information tends to dominate the news.


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Here at North Shore News we also want to bring you the good news which are quite numerous, inspire people, and relieve stress which is responsible for lowering our immune systems.

Rosemere High along with Crestview and Laval Senior Academy donated over 3000 pairs of gloves and 500 masks to Santé Publique in order to deal with the rising demand for materials in the front lines of the war against the virus.

The move came after administrators contracted the Director General of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School board  to share some essential supplies they had in their schools.

Santé Publique  were very pleased and appreciative not to mention the sense of solidarity and pride shared among the organizers and school communities, helping the front line workers. Santé Publique said that they will distribute accordingly as the needs arise and welcome more donations.

In the meantime, word was spread to all in-school/centre administrators of SWLSB. Many local initiatives are also taking place in various school communities (food banks, volunteering, etc).

Let’s hope this wonderful initiative will inspire others to do the same.