Kyrias Tosh community
The Kyrias Tosh community in Boisbriand quarantined for COVID-19

An explosion of COVID-19 positives came to the Laurentian community of Boisbriand among the close-knit community of 4000 Hassidic Jews residing at the west end of the Rivière Cachée street.

The Laurentides Public Health Department issued an order of confinement and held a


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press briefing last Monday with the City of Boisbriand and the Intermunicipal Police Board of Thérèse-De Blainville in order to better explain the measures taken.

The containment order will last 14 days and has nothing to do with religion but rather the protection of the residents and the elderly as well as the avoidance of new hotspots of contagion. That is what was announced by Quebec’s public health director Dr. Horacio Arruda. 

During March break several members of the Tosh community travelled to New York to celebrate Purim with members of their sister community. As soon as the news of the positive results from the tests came back, the Hassidic community closed all their schools as well as the synagogue. The police proceeded in quarantining the entire community which is now inaccessible. There are barricades in both main entrances. 

The CISSS des Laurentides announced that the leaders of the Jewish community collaborate very well with them and ensure that protective measures are followed diligently to protect their

population as well as the residents of neighboring municipalities.

The members of this community have a lot of social ties and the population is very

dense in a relatively small territory.

In order for the quarantine to be enforced, the community reached out to local police to make sure no one comes in or out, unless they’re providing an essential service.

None of the members of the Hassidic community that tested positive required hospitalization