Shows at the Center d’art La petite Église: status quo until January 2022

A lot of venue owners were relieved and delighted with the September 30th Quebec government announcement that performance venues with assigned seats will no longer be required to impose a spectator limit.

In Saint-Eustache the City, although delighted with the news, nevertheless informs the population that the La petite Église art center will not be able to be filled to capacity until 2022 due to the work currently taking place there.


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Status quo until January 2022

The restoration work underway at the La Petite Eglise Art Center requires that a reduced number of spectators be maintained since access to indoor toilets is currently prohibited. A sanitary block is temporarily installed outside the building to accommodate visitors but cannot meet the needs of a room filled to capacity. The bar service remains closed.

Fortunately, as of January 2022, the Desjardins room will be able to reopen at full capacity since the work will be completed. Thus, no more seats will be left free between the family bubbles

Wearing a mask at all times from October 8

In the wake of the measures announced, it is important to note that as of October 8, wearing a mask will be mandatory for all people aged 10 and over, even if the number of spectators remains small and the distance is respected. It should also be remembered that the presentation of the vaccination passport accompanied by a valid identity document remains compulsory for persons aged 13 and over.