That Rosemère golf course…again!

The infamous golf course in Rosemère keeps getting attention. It monopolizes a lot of the question periods during city councils and now it seems that the owners did not reach an agreement with the city in order for the space to be used for winter sports for the residents. For many years now, Rosemerites had been able to use the space every winter for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. In a press release form the city of Rosemère, Eric Westram, Mayor of the Town of Rosemère, wanted to set the record straight following an article published December 23 in La Presse concerning access on private land located on the former Rosemère golf course.
In that article, the owners of the land claim that it was the Town of Rosemère that decided not to renew the agreement allowing access for cross-country skiing. According to the city this is totally false.
Mayor Westram would like to remind them that, in a letter sent by them to the Town on November 6 of this year with the subject “Access to the former Rosemère golf course land for the winter of 2020-2021”, they clearly mentioned “that they do not intend to provide access to the Land this year for the next winter season, particularly in order to allow the development of cross-country ski trails there. The previous agreement regarding the use of—and access to—the Land will therefore not be renewed this year”.
They concluded that letter by stating that “we believe that this decision can be reversed, but to do so, it will inevitably require a serious and constructive discussion aimed at reaching a global and final agreement on the development of the Land”. “They have every right to refuse access to the land that belongs to them. But let them take responsibility for their decision. For our part, we immediately contacted the Domaine Vert Park and reached an agreement with them allowing all Rosemerites to enjoy quality facilities at an attractive price,” said Mayor Westram.