The Blainville municipal council adopts the 2022-2023-2024 capital plan

With the objective of accelerating certain capital projects in 2022 (e.g .: tendering process), the municipal council adopted in an extra scheduled meeting, the three-year fixed assets plan 2022-2023-2024 which includes investments totaling $ 19.6 million in 2022. However, government subsidies applicable to certain works will make it possible to reduce this cost to 13.5 million.

“Like last year, we are adopting the Capital Plan in July to start certain work more quickly in 2022 and to begin the process of public tenders. These are, in fact, forecasts and in certain aspects, such as the program to improve parks and green spaces, the projects will be determined later this year to give the necessary decision-making leeway to the new municipal council” , explained the mayor of Blainville, Richard Perreault.


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$ 11 million for the drinking water network
The 2022-2023-2024 capital plan provides for investments totaling $ 11 million for
work related to the drinking water network.
“We have observed, in times of drought, with watering bans and boil water advisories, that our drinking water reserves can be exceptionally low. Although the Sainte-Thérèse plant provides the water necessary for our needs, the construction, in 2022, of a second reservoir at the booster station Marcel-Ayotte, will allow us to count on a new reserve of drinking water in cases of extreme urgency. That said, adopting responsible behavior and respecting watering bans are the best way to have quality water in times of heatwaves,” said the vice-president of the administration, finance committee and governance, Liza Poulin.
In addition to the construction of the second reservoir at Marcel-Ayotte substation, the municipal administration will thus use the budgetary envelope:

  • Rehabilitation of the water supply network
  • Replacement of water supply valves
  • Inspection of sewer pipes
  • One-off repairs in the network sewerage
  • Upgrade of the pumping station on rue de Castillo
  • Remote control of the pumping stations – phase 2
  • Replacement of the generator at the Renaissance2 booster station

$ 3.5 million for parks, green spaces, and bike trails
The three-year capital plan adopted sets aside a sum totaling $ 3.5 million to improve parks and
green spaces, and to repair roadways, sidewalks as well as bicycle paths and pedestrian crossings. Finally, the budget also provides for the introduction of speed moderation measures.

$ 1.3 million for the quality of life of citizens
For 2022, the City plans to invest $ 1.3 million in the citizen quality of life component, in particular as
part of the municipal building asset maintenance master plan. The concept plan for Place de la
Savoie, in the heart of the Chambéry district, will also be defined.
Finally, $ 1.2 million will be injected into the Security component. In particular, the city plans to replace equipment and vehicles.

A reduction in costs thanks to the grants
In addition, the Blainville will achieve significant cost savings thanks to the obtaining of Government grants totaling $ 6.1 million, which will bring the funding for the works in 2022 down to $ 13,516,000.
from $ 19.6 million.
“Each year, our administrative services fill out forms and carry out research to
find financial assistance programs likely to reduce the cost of our annual works, reducing our debt. It is once again mission accomplished. This is therefore a responsible capital program that respects the taxpayer’s ability to pay,” concluded Mayor Richard Perreault.