Julie B. Savard, member of the Mothers at the front movement, Isabelle Lefebvre, municipal councilor president of the Environment and Beautification Commission, Pierre Charron, mayor of Saint-Eustache, Marie-Claude Beaulieu, movement coordinator Mothers at the front of Rivière des Mille-Îles, with the young participants

In today’s world, environmental concerns have become increasingly important as we realize the impact of our actions on the planet. As adults, we often forget that the future belongs to the younger generation, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we leave them with a healthy planet. However, a group of children from St-Eustache has taken it upon themselves to remind elected officials of their responsibility to the environment by donating a Chair of Generations.

The elected officials of Saint-Eustache received to their great delight, from young St-Eustache residents, a ” Chair of Generations”, which aims to symbolically remind decision-makers of the importance of continuing to act in favor of the environment, in order to bequeath to future generations a preserved and healthy planet.


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Decorated by toddlers as part of a workshop held at the Guy-Bélisle library on March 18, the Chair of Generations, a project initiated by the Mothers at the Front movement, will be officially inaugurated during the municipal council meeting in April, at the very moment when it will adopt its first “Climate Change Fight and Adaptation Plan”.

“To welcome this chair is to give voice, power and hope to children. And remind us every day that the decisions we make, particularly in terms of land use planning and protection, will influence the quality of life of future generations. We want to tell these children that we hear and respect their voices, and that we will not fail in our responsibility to protect the environment in any way possible,” jointly declared the Mayor of Saint-Eustache, Mr. Pierre Charron, and the chair of the Environment and Beautification Commission, municipal councilor Isabelle Lefebvre.

As a reminder that the fight to preserve the planet also concerns all citizens, the Chair of Generations will be exhibited alternately in the council chamber and in busy municipal buildings, such as the library and the Maison du citizen, as well as in the halls of the Aquatic Complex and the Multisport Complex.

About the Mothers at the Front movement

The Mothers at the Front movement brings together mothers and grandmothers with the aim of protecting the future of children against climate inaction. Its actions aim to remind decision makers that they have the duty and the responsibility to make environmental protection a political priority and to put in place ambitious actions to deal with the climate and biodiversity crisis.