The City of Lorraine interests French newspapers.

Lorraine recently made the headlines among our European cousins thanks to articles published in two French newspapers: Vosges Matin and l’Est Républicain, printing more than 250,000 copies. They compared the city of Lorraine to a “little paradise”, emphasizing its remarkable environment and the choice of the people of Lorraine to actively participate in the protection of green spaces unique in the region. It also features an interview with Mayor Jean Comtois and the origins of street names from the French region of Lorraine.
In the article Une si belle Lorraine, one quotes Frédéric Hoen, in charge of international relations and heritage promotion missions in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, who visited the municipality in 2019, as part of the musical cultural exchange En passant par les Lorraine: “In the fall, during the famous Indian summer, it’s magnificent. The forest is all red. The city really has charm.
“In 2018, a journalist from the television channel France 3 was visiting Lorraine to discover the other Lorraine. This report is available on the City’s channel You Tube.
As the twin city of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, the city of Lorraine maintains a link with this distant region from which it derives its surnames.